Portfolio: MoveGB

User Experience design on Mobile App, customer and partner web portals

Mobile App V2 and V3 design

Version 2 of the Move App was in development when I joined the company and I steered the design to esnure the interface was clear and simple for our users whilst taking into account the technical limitations at the time.

Version 3 was developed on a par with the style guide (see below) and focussed much more on making the expereince fun, including gameification features.

V2 App wireframes: (L-R) New personal homepage, gameification of signup flow, activity details and booking page

Refined design for V3: (L-R) Gameified account, personalised casual sigup flow, clearer activiy details page

Style and user experience guide

The in-house graphic designer and myself created an application style guide to ensure consistancy in design going forward. I wireframed all elements after exgensive research and internal testing of various ideas. Strict usage rules were then written up to help devlopers identify which of the prebuild components they should be using.

Sample of guide to avatars

Parts of the in depth guide to form elements

Extensive guide to button styles

How to write labels and tips for banners

Partner tools and onboarding

I also led a project to redesign the automated onboarding flow for the fitness partners to help them get their first activity live. It included extensive research including interviewing the onboarding staff and some new partners to discover their experience. Then I had to come up with a suitable flow diagram before spliting inputs into manageable chunks. I also introduced new features such as being able to "save and come back".