Portfolio: Clear Books plc

Front end development and design on accounting, payroll and HR software

OpenPayroll Automatic Enrolment

I was the Scrum Master in charge of the project to add automatic enrolment functionality to the Payroll application on the Clear Books platform. We pushed ourselves to use new technologies of the time such as Angular JS to improve the experience for our users particularly as a large amount of data need to be input to the app so constant page refreshes needed to be cut down.

Pacioli Style Guide

I instigated an application style guide, named after the creator of double entry booking, Lucia Pacioli, to bring some consistancy to the various applications offered on the Clear Books platform. As a design and front end team, we researched extensively the best practices for all the elemnents and pushed the design away from using tables for data that was clearly non-tabular.

Modular Marketing websites

One of my early projects at Clear Books was to bring consistancy across the marketing sites for the various applications. The solution was one style guide in which each site had a primary and secondary colour that brought indivduality yet consitancy. Even the layout code was turned into a template so that only the text and imagery within were changed.

Project REvo

REvo was the website style templates that replaced the original Modular Marketing. All individual sites were brought under one to highlight that although you could subscribe to apps individually, they all worked together as a suite. The design to cues from the earlier style but was enhanced with more modern JavaScript and CSS3.