Coal Duty Posts

London is surrounded by Coal Duty Markers used for taxation in the past, I'll go an find them if I am close by.

There were originally around 278 posts, obelisks and plaques encircling London, 211 still remain though many have been resited.

A complete list and more information is available on Martin Nail's marvelous site.

Markers in Watford Borough

Marker 45

Obelisk at TQ1165796562 Relocated to TQ1164396578

Marker 46

Post at TQ1160996252 Relocated to TQ1161996250

Marker 47

Obelisk at TQ1187395500 Relocated to TQ1102896393

Marker 48

Post at TQ1196295266 Relocated to TQ1101996382

Markers in Three Rivers District

Marker 52

Obelisk at TQ0917692069

Marker 54

Post at TQ0836092324

Markers in Hillingdon Borough

Marker 55

Post at TQ0784192336