Walking, running, exploring. Rarely indoors since 1993.

Walk London

Walk London is a TfL controlled scheme to get Londoners walking. As part of this there are seven dedicated walking routes. Soph and I focused on the four circular ones in decreasing size.

London Outer Orbital Path

24 stages walked of 24

Capital Ring

15 stages walked of 15

Jubilee Greenway

9 stages walked of 10

Jubilee Walkway

0 stages walked of 5

Green Chain

0 stages walked of 11

Lea Valley Walk

1 stages walked of 6

National Trails

We've walked a lot of London, now for a new challenge.

North Downs Way

1 stages walked of 15

Thames Path

1 stages walked of 21

Hadrian's Wall Path

0 stages walked of 6

Local walking routes

And for a quick days out, some short local routes

Abbey Line Trail

1 stage walked of 1

The Ebury Way

1 stage walked of 1

Dollis Valley Greenwalk

1.5 stages walked of 6

The Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Walk

0.5 stages walked of 1

The Chess Valley Walk

1 stage walked of 1

Hillingdon Trail

1.25 stages walked of 6


And when not walking, I run! Here's my virtual trophy cabinet.

parkrun 50 club

parkrun 100 club

parkrun 25 Volunteer club

London 10,000
2018 Finisher

City Runs - 1 Hour
2018 Finisher

City Runs - Clapham 10K
2018 Finisher

City Runs - Shoreditch 10K
2018 Finisher

Trig pillars, Coal posts and Mountains

A few other things get me outdoors. If I find that I'm near a trig point, I like to go and find it (I only started counting in late 2015 any I visited before are not included in the count).

London is surrounded by Coal Posts used for taxation in the past, I'll go an find them too if I am close.

Trig Pillars

7 visited of 6832

Coal Posts

7 visited of extant 211 (originally ~278)


4 climbed of 214